Reclaimed Glory

Creepy crawlers

On which the party explores the remains of the southern tower

The party next decides to investigate the ruins of the southern watchtower.

Stealthily infiltrating the hobgoblin territory, the party locates the southern watchtower and is surprised to find the area laced with spider webs… and web based traps! Magic flows easily here, and it is determined that this is an area of high mana. A cautious battle ensues with a pack of giant spiders and an ettercap, then the party descends into the basement of the tower where they encounter a swarm of giant bugs which the spiders were obviously feeding on. These giant centipedes are frightening but pose no real danger to the party.

Exploration reveals a hidden area containing a temple to The Blood of Vol, another chest of coins, some more dusty and rotted books, and a skull engraved with extravagant runes.

It is also revealed that this basement was founded on a natural cavern and the party rests briefly before venturing into an unfinished area of excavation.


Faustanic Faustanic

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