Reclaimed Glory

Lay of the land

On which the party climbs a cliff and gets a feel for the immediate area

The party sets out to climb the hill beside camp. It is a long, difficult, and dangerous climb where, despite the use of climbing equipment, several party members are battered by slips and falls. Ultimately the party safely makes the summit and gains an appreciation for the basic terrain layout of the immediate area, and notice mountains off in the north-west distance.

  • The surrounding area is heavily forested with a river valley running through it. The nearest point of the river appears to be approximately 2 kms away from camp.
  • Directly west, approximately 30kms distant, is a particularly vibrant pool of vegetation.
  • South of the camp, the forest appears to continue but the terrain rolls heavier with hills and rocks.
  • North of camp, approximately 30kms up the coast, is seen the overgrown remains of a large city
  • The ocean lies to the east, however a thick fog obscures everything beyond a couple of kms out. There is no visibility to the homeland.

The top of the hill is explored a little further and old bones are noticed strewn among the remains of a long abandoned avian nest.

The party makes plans to establish a watchpost on top of the hill. The climbing ropes are left in place to facilitate this endeavor.

After climbing down, the party rests and then sets out towards the river with the intention of exploring the area, securing fresh water, and evaluating the food situation. Wildlife is abundant and hunting is expected to be an excellent compliment to the shipped supplies.

Upon reaching the river bank, the party is immediately noticed and engaged by a pair of worg riding dark-skinned orcs. The worgs are slain, the orcs are defeated and taken captive.


Faustanic Faustanic

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