Reclaimed Glory

Quarry and Caravan

On which the party locates a Hobgoblin and Kobold controlled area and ambush a caravan

The party explores to the south and finds a quarry across the river. Kobolds and Hobgoblins appear to be working together in extracting stone. The stone is being transported to the north west via a well made road.

Stealthing around the quarry, the party decides to ambush one of the caravans. After carefully picking a spot, they spring their trap and win a hard-fought battle against combined Hobgoblin and Kobold forces.

The oxen and carts are commandeered for the expedition’s purposes. In a hidden compartment, the remains and belongings of several elves are found. The elvish allies reward the party for the return of these heirloom items, providing some minorly enchanted gear and offering to share additional knowledge to the party members – both normal skills and magic training become available.


Faustanic Faustanic

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