Reclaimed Glory

The wyrdstone!

On which the party explores a ruined tavern, discover the entrance to an underground kingdom, and exterminate an ancient evil

The party had noticed an ancient ruin in their way to the quarry and this week decided to explore more fully.

Hampered by the heavy wear upon the structure and the extremely overgrowth of vegetation, the party finally concludes that this was once a tavern or waystation. They note a collapsed entrance to an ancient structure and, after clearing the rubble, discover an underground guard post. The obviously ancient ruins are eerily marked with the signs of an ancient struggle and retreat further into the structure.

As the party moves further in, it becomes apparent that this a border station, and one of the nations was populated by a short and stocky dwarven race. They are swarmed by skeletons which, horrifyingly, refuse to stay incapacitated once defeated. Vanquished skeletons rose again within a few seconds. The party noticed signs that the original occupants of this outpost were performing a fighting retreat, and the party follows in their footsteps. Eventually they find and defeat an especially strong skeleton that is holding a glowing stone that radiates malice and power, They take the stone further into the outpost and scramble into a shine of Onatar. The shrine is in a miraculously preserved state.

The wyrdstone is cleansed by the shrine, and the skeletons finally clatter to the ground. In the aftermath of the epic battle, the party explores this underground bordertown. It appears to have everything needed to sustain them while presenting a more defensible location than their original camp. There was once a road further underground, but this appears to have been caved in during the cataclysm.


Faustanic Faustanic

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