Reclaimed Glory

Elves and hobgoblins, oh-my!
On which the party is greeted by an elvish diplomatic party and then narrowly survives an encounter with a powerful hobgoblin raiding party.

The party begins to feel a nagging inarticulate discomfort. Their dreams are odd and disturbing and the night provides little rest or recuperation from the strains of the previous day.

At dawn, the camp guards scramble as a group of lanky humanoids are spotted in the distance. The strangers hold position in the open and await the reaction of the camp. While the camp churns with activity, the leaders decide these humanoids are, at least temporarily, non-hostile and invite the diplomatic envoy inside.

It becomes clear that these strangers are Elves and that they are cautious allies to the humans. Their leader, a female shaman named Liliath Silverbloom, explains that she has had a prophetic dream regarding the humans. The elvish god Arawai appeared to her after many centuries of silence; the elves must help the humans to drive back the darkness which has encroached upon the world for this past millennium.

The elves are a secluded and xenophobic society that only leaves the safety of their grove – the area of lush vegetation 30kms west of camp – to monitor the area. They observe the movements of the fouler races but avoid engagement whenever possible. Their grove provides ample protection from enemy incursions; the magics subtly turn uninvited sentient creatures away – they unconsciously adjust their course around the grove.

Liliath presents a large moonstone (roughly the size of an ostrich egg) to the party and explains that the stone will protect their minds from contamination by the foul land. Sleeping in a camp protected by the stone will alleviate the bad dreams and psychic onslaught of the lands corruption. She also provides a dozen amulets with small moonstone inlays which will protect the wearer for up to 7 days – after which the amulets must recharge within proximity of the large stone.

The shaman teaches a couple of new spells to the expedition casters.

After the elves leave, the party ventures out into the woods again, this time heading slightly north west from camp. As the day draws to a close, they stumble upon a hunting party of hobgoblins that are settling down to eat. Despite being out numbered and outmatched, the party leverages the element of surprise to eek out a victory – killing several of the massive warriors and driving the remaining into retreat. Severely injured, they rest over night within the hobgoblin camp and return to the main camp the next day.

Lay of the land
On which the party climbs a cliff and gets a feel for the immediate area

The party sets out to climb the hill beside camp. It is a long, difficult, and dangerous climb where, despite the use of climbing equipment, several party members are battered by slips and falls. Ultimately the party safely makes the summit and gains an appreciation for the basic terrain layout of the immediate area, and notice mountains off in the north-west distance.

  • The surrounding area is heavily forested with a river valley running through it. The nearest point of the river appears to be approximately 2 kms away from camp.
  • Directly west, approximately 30kms distant, is a particularly vibrant pool of vegetation.
  • South of the camp, the forest appears to continue but the terrain rolls heavier with hills and rocks.
  • North of camp, approximately 30kms up the coast, is seen the overgrown remains of a large city
  • The ocean lies to the east, however a thick fog obscures everything beyond a couple of kms out. There is no visibility to the homeland.

The top of the hill is explored a little further and old bones are noticed strewn among the remains of a long abandoned avian nest.

The party makes plans to establish a watchpost on top of the hill. The climbing ropes are left in place to facilitate this endeavor.

After climbing down, the party rests and then sets out towards the river with the intention of exploring the area, securing fresh water, and evaluating the food situation. Wildlife is abundant and hunting is expected to be an excellent compliment to the shipped supplies.

Upon reaching the river bank, the party is immediately noticed and engaged by a pair of worg riding dark-skinned orcs. The worgs are slain, the orcs are defeated and taken captive.

On which the party establishes a camp and begins to appreciate the oddity of this continent

The ship anchors in a large cove surrounded by steep hills, bordering on but not quite reaching cliff status. A path is blazed up the side of the hill and supplies are carried up to a base camp just above the cove.

Workers are attacked by strange beast-men while carrying supplies up the trail, but the party quickly springs to their aid and prevent any loss of life. During the sortie, the party notices the beast-men taking tactical advantage of some native flora that both spews out an incapacitating gas and whips out vines/tendrils at nearby creatures.

Base camps distinguishing feature is a ~100m tall cliff faced rocky hill. The camp is nestled against the base of the cliff for protection and fortifications are begun to surround the remaining sides.

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