Reclaimed Glory

Giants and boars and Rocs, oh my!

On which the party seeks to ally with a hill giant, fight a giant boar, and escape a Roc

The expedition finalizes it’s move to the underground border outpost.

Seeking more allies as the stakes raise, the party consults the elves about the local giant, which they had found signs of not far from the original camp. They learn that giants are often used a powerful units in armies, and that this particular giant was old enough to have served such time in an army. Older giants tend to seek solitude when no longer attached to a military force.

The party ventures forth into the giants territory and, after an initial scare, manage to negotiate a non-aggression pact between the excursion and the giant.

While leaving the giant’s territory, the party is surprised by a gigantic boar. A spectacular maneuver fells the beast in a single blow and the immense carcass is slated for a celebratory feast,. The journey back to camp is fraught with tension as a they narrowly avoid the attention of a Roc hunting overhead.

An abundance of meat fuels a week long feast, with even more meat being salted and stored for emergency long-term provisions.


Faustanic Faustanic

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